Dear Rajesh

Allow me to thank you again for your excellent services for our journey to India.

Your advice before and during the trip, all arrangements you carried out for us - guides, bookings, sim cards etc., and your constant caring made a major contribution to the success of our trip. Particularly we want to thank you for choosing Bovindraj as out driver. He fulfilled all our wishes and expectations (and we hope the tip of US$200 which we granted him did satisfy him). We will only be happy to recommend you to our friends and relatives who might plan a trip to South India. And may be one day we might meet again.

Best Wishes

Unna and Eshel families


Jan 2018

Dear Rajesh

The 2 trips we had the pleasure to have organized by you were very nice indeed. The program George suggested was just perfect. On the first trip in December we had Kumar as driver: he was a wonderful person, an excellent driver and he was also quite knowledgeable about the places we visited! He took really care of us and was extremely polite and lovely. On our 2nd trip 2 weeks ago, we had Sanju. He might be good when following other drivers in a convoy but certainly not when bringing customers around alone, as he had difficulties to find some places. Thanks to my google map we could help directing him. One day he even did not check the program and if I had not asked how long it would go, we would have missed Sravana Belgola. We had to return 37 km! We never had water in the car ( always had it last year and with Kumar!).

Looking forward to again have a trip in a year organized by you!

Thank very much for sending the and kindest regards,

Claudine Landolt with Marc Bornand


Dec 2017 and Jan 2018

Dear Mr. Rajesh,

We are now in Bangalore after a wonderful long trip from Hyderabad through the Deccan. Your staff was excellent especially Venkat and Nagaraja.

Gursharan S Sidhu


Jan 2018

Good morning Rajesh

We are back safely in home soil

We would like to thank you for helping us with our family trip to trupathi Thanks to you and your drivers put trip went smoothly In particular we would like to thank Govind who was very good We met with Kavitha in Malaysia and gave her our feedback. She was pleased that the person she recommend was as she told us If / when we are planning future trips to India we would be in touch

Thank you so much and god bless

BUNIS Packham


Dec 2017

Dear Rajesh

We are safe back to France. I just wanted to let you know that we have been very happy to make the tour with the driver you chose for us. He is an excellent driver and he took care of us. He is a very nice guy.


Best regards


EURL Tentation Bio.


Oct 2017

Best wishes, and many thanks once again for organising a very pleasurable and memorable holiday. As ever,

Todd and Tim


Sep 2017

Dear Rajesh

Just back in the UK after our week in Kolkata following the very successful tour which you organised for the six of us, we wanted not only to thank you for the impeccable organisation but to say how very much we enjoyed it and felt fully reassured that if anything unexpected had gone wrong you would have been there to sort it out ! Whilst we organised our own trip to and stay in Kolkata which was also very enjoyable we definitely missed that sense of reassurance and also confidence that we were making the best use of our time.

A word too about Suresh who was excellent, always there in good time and drove well and safely. For me it was a daily mystery how he knew his way around all the different places we visited without reference to maps or gps .(One thing I found curious was that when he took us to the temple in Rameshwara we understood that he himself was apparently not allowed to visit the temple with us as we were told drivers were not allowed. For me particularly curious as he himself is a pious and observant Hindu. Perhaps I misunderstood. Anyway we had an in teresting visit and a helpful guide. Maggie joins me in this message.

With very best wishes

Yours sincerely

Adrian Thornton.


Sep 2017

Dear Rajesh and Mrs Rajesh,

Now that we are all safely back in the UK, we just want to write a line to thank you both so much for making our holiday such a terrific success. We all enjoyed it hugely - the Thorntons, like us, found a second trip even better than the first, as we somehow felt more "at home" and that we could concentrate on different things, and Tim and Todd had a superb introduction to Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

We were lucky with the weather, and we were all especially excited by the drive through the tea plantations and the trip on the rice boat. All the hotels were top rate and the food was good everywhere - perhaps best of all at the hotel in Madurai.

As you know we liked Souresh very much indeed - he is a really excellent and safe driver, his English is good and we found him a delightful and interesting companion for the whole trip.

You yourself are a genius at turning like magic at every major stop - I don't how how you do it but you are certainly a very welcome sight every few days, and you have helped us all more than should be expected of you!

With very best wishes from us both,

James and Clare


Sep 2017

Hello Rajesh

I am in Paris after my long travel I am by Joelle and We are talking About you! What good memories... Thank you for the good adress of the restaurant! We tried it. So good but We prefer to be India We hope you are fine and with a lot of work

Best regards



April 2017

Hello, thank you so much for the wish, we came back and we are really thankful for what you did for us.

We had a wonderful time in India, thank you,

We had a wonderful time in India, thank you,

Corine and family.


Mar 2017

Hi Rajesh!

Hope you are doing well!

I'm sorry it took me some time but coming back to reality after India was not so easy...

I want again to say that you so much for everything !!!

Sanju was great and our trip was wonderful thanks to him!!!

I will be happy to recommend on both of you!

I will write on tripadvisor my recommendations and also will give your name to the community over here in Israel.

And if you want please feel free to give anyone you want my email to have my recommendations!

Thank you!

Ilanit and Zion


Jan 2016

Dear Rajesh,

I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our trip to India. We were so satisfied with all your suggestions and how well the few minor problems were resolved. If any of our friends are planning a trip to India, I shall definitely tell them to contact you and know that they will be in very good hands. We also found our driver, Nagaraj, to be the perfect way to experience southern India. His knowledge was always helpful and his constant consideration of our comfort made the trip all the easier since we had a month together. And we also felt totally comfortable with his driving so that we never felt he was taking chances. But most importantly, his sincerity about his religion and his willingness to engage with us on a variety of topics made the trip all the more enjoyable. We cannot say enough about how much we appreciated having him as our driver/companion.

And again, thank you for taking care of so many details and making this another fantasy trip for us.

With best wishes,

Harold and John


Sep 2016

Dear Rajesh.

Many Thanks for your care and attention along the entire trip. It was a very interesting and unique one.

Sham was a great driver and guide, caring, reassuring, and pleasant.

Thanks again, for everything.

All the best.

Maya and Anat.


Jan 2016

Dear Rajesh

As a result of your excellent organisation our trip was extremely enjoyable and successful and completely trouble free.

My wife says the shirts which she got for our son were fine and very much appreciated by him.

If we hear of any friends wanting to visit India, we shall certainly warmly recommend that they contact you. With very best wishes in your business.

Yours sincerely



(Extracts from the mail received on returning back home by the client)


Very many thanks for guiding us through Bangarulu, and for making our stay there very memorable. And thanks, too, for coordinating the entire Indian tour - from Hyderabad to Mysore. It was eye-opening and wondrous, and a perfect introduction to India. We shall look forward to returning .

with best wishes,

Todd & Tim


OCT 2015

We are very pleased of the trip you organised for us to Mysore and we wanted to thank you for that.

In addition we wanted also to thank's our driver Babu who was really professional and kind with us.

Everything was fine.

Thanks again.

Mrs Dogue.


OCT 2015

Thank you for the organisation ,every body was happy for this 11 days in India .

You have a nice country and the people was welcoming..

Every body tel me that it is not possible to make road bike in India. I think that the KERALA is the good destination.

If you take the small road and evite the big town. Go in the mountain it is fantastique !!!

Thank a new time and I advise you .




SEP 2015